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Top marks for Endocrine-IGF, Betancourt’s GH supplement reviewed

Betancourt have three testosterone boosters, Adaptodren, Deprogen ARS and up on review today is Endocrine-IGF. The night time growth supplement does exactly what it is meant to. The ingredients all checked out which is why it had to get a closer look. If you have some extra cash for your off season stack you might want to squeeze this one in.

Since you take this product before bed it is obviously going to boost recovery and help build muscle while you sleep. It does not increase growth or gains as much as other GH boosters like HGH Up or Testrol. On the other hand it puts you out faster than any sleep aid. The rare l-dopa and melatonin combination really sets this apart, the other ingredients can be thanked but these two are the real heroes.

Melatonin has always been reliable when it comes to bed time however this does more than get your eyes closed. Animal PM is a good GH product but after a good nights rest it sometimes keeps you in bed longer than you want. Endocrine has the insane ability to wake you up as quickly as it knocks you out. After the deep undisrupted sleep your eyes will open and not close until you take those 3 capsules again.

Betancourt suggest using this just 5 days out of the week and this is the sort of supplement that you could easily get stuck on, so follow the directions. Compared to similar products the price is better than cheap, in most places it goes for under $35. The recovery kicks in after about a week, the growth effects are not the best but the deep sleep makes up for that. Endrocine-IGF is definitely worth purchasing and now Beta have got two other test boosters that stack perfectly with this. Now that your off-season combo is sorted, try looking around because a few stores offer some good deals when you purchase two or three of these together.

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