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Review for the well priced Wired, PhD deliver with their pre-workout

PhD is not a brand too popular outside of the UK. They have a few supplements distributed in America and even a couple as far as Australasia. Instead of a new flavor or supplement, today we have a review on their pre-workout Wired. While this may not be up on their official website it is one of the few products that they have at It is always hard going with a brand that you have not heard much on but you will not be disappointed with Wired.

Very few pre-workouts have a great taste. A lot of companies talk about top flavoring but never really deliver. Cellucor C4, 1 M.R. are possibly the only two in the concentrate race that bring drinkable variants to the table. PhD only gave Wired two flavors, and they are delicious. Most things do not go down well unless diluted, mix one serving of this with about 250ml and you got yourself a treat.

The tub does cost a little more than your usual pre-workout however it comes packed to the lid with 60 servings. With 2 scoops being the maximum per day, it puts similar supplements to shame. SuperPump Max runs for just under $5 less but with only 13 max serves (40 single).

The 7.2g serving is loaded with a number of things, though based on the performance of the product the l-citrulline really pulls through. The wake up call comes in much earlier than other pre-workouts and the energy dies out long after. Wired does not bring a whole lot of pump to the table, what it does have is a sick amount of drive and focus. Even with 1 scoop it brings enough power to make you think you had the maximum of 2.

PhD have put together a formula that is worth trying. It will not let you down and may even end up being ‘the one’ pre-workout that you have been looking for. As mentioned is does not have a lot of game in the pump department but the energy levels, mental power, taste and price all help get this to the top. If you are a fan of Assault, Nitraflex or even SuperPump Max this hard training rest cutter should be your next buy.

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