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Urso-X proves to do jack, ursolic acid needs to be a team player

The hyped up ingredient ursolic acid has been put to the test. AST’s product, Urso-X promised many things – build lean muscle, increase strength and burn fat. Unfortunately after more than one person gave this supplement a 3 week run, there has been no sign of any of those things. This is an individual product so not much was expected. Here are some notable things that were not on the label

– You piss like crazy

– After taking it, if you burp the taste of the stuff comes up tasting 10 times worse and in some strange foggy cloud

– Capsules smell like shit

– Your urine smells like shit

It does sport a very low retail price but that is because it does absolutely nothing. You may want to give the stuff a go, find out for yourself. The only way this may get you somewhere is if it gets teamed up with other ingredients. Similar to the likes of raspberry ketones, good stuff, proven to work however it works way better in a fat burning cocktail.