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AST’s new Myogenin designed to increase leucine release

ast myogenin

After dropping a few mysterious teasers over the past month or so, this week the all-new AST Myogenin has been revealed and released. The supplement that’s being promoted as a revolutionary protein powder has turned out to be a hydrolyzed whey protein phospholipid hybrid, designed to activate mTOR for a number of awesome benefits.

From what we understand the main idea behind AST Myogenin is that it activates mTOR by releasing higher levels of leucine compared to your typical protein powder competitor. There is a much deeper more technically description of how the product does what it does on the brand’s website, but the increased leucine release — leading to mTOR activation — seems to be the highlight of it all.

The big benefit behind AST Myogenin’s unique feature is increased protein synethesis, which in turn helps increase muscle growth and strength. Despite AST saying there is nothing else like Myogenin out there, its description does sound a lot like Gaspari’s almost four-month-old Precision Protein. That one promises a very similar experience, as it’s also designed to deliver higher levels of leucine with its Embedded Enzyme Technology (EET).

AST Myogenin

ast myogenin

As for the macros making up the new AST Myogenin, outside of its mTOR activation feature it is a fairly straightforward formula. The supplement packs the usual 25g of protein per serving, with 5 of carbohydrates, 2g of that from sugar, 5g of fat (3g saturated), and a total of 160 calories.

Anyone interested in giving the latest AST innovation a run can now purchase it from the brand’s official store for the fairly high price of $46.95. That is for the product’s one and only size, a 2lb tub packing 25 servings. As far as flavors go, fans don’t really have any options as Myogenin comes in just the one, apparently desert-like taste with Chocolate Milkshake.

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