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AST’s new MyoGenin 15% cheaper at Same Day Supplements

ast myogenin

At the beginning of the month AST Sports Science finally revealed and released its previously very mysterious protein powder, MyoGenin. The supplement turned out to be a protein formula that delivers increased levels of leucine, much like Gaspari’s Precision Protein. It was unfortunately introduced with quite a high price, although you can now get it a little bit cheaper thanks to Same Day Supplements.

The reliable retailer has just put up a pre-order promotion for AST MyoGenin, that will save you a fair amount of money compared to buying direct from the brand. Instead of paying $46.95 through AST’s official store, Same Day has its new protein powder at $39.99, which is a saving of about 15%. Being a pre-order there will of course be a wait for your shipment, with the store expecting stock to arrive within the next week or two.

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