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Natural T checks out in price and ingredients, Top Secret are not tied to one category

Top Secret can really do nothing wrong at the moment. With both Xat-7 and Cardio Igniter being great fat burning supplements it looked like they may of had a knack for weight loss products. Natural-T shows that this company is not stopping at just one category. The testosterone booster does not look as strong as Anatropin or Animal Test but has enough in it to compete with well priced mainstreamers like APE and Animal Stak. Along with rarely seen extracts, roots, etc, Natural T does feature some familiar faces. Fenugreek and tribulus both make appearances along with the high quality trademarked Astragin blend (seen in Hemotropin 2XC). The price is good and the formula checks out. If you are a Top Secret fan you can now go ahead with a real muscle building stack.

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