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BCAA Re-Igniter featuring InstAminos vegan BCAAs and AstaPure astaxanthin

bcaa re-igniter

Top Secret Nutrition does have a large number of supplements using the word igniter in their names such as Ab Igniter, Pump Igniter, and the original flavored fat burner Cardio Igniter. A while ago we did get a glimpse of something called BCAA Igniter, although we don’t remember that one ever being released. Now however a product named very similar has been unveiled by the brand, introducing BCAA Re-Igniter.

The latest BCAA competitor from Top Secret doesn’t feature a whole lot of ingredients, but it isn’t your typical BCAA either. The main feature in BCAA Re-Igniter is its 6g of InstAminos vegan BCAAs at the classic ratio of 2:1:1. Also included in the supplement is AstaPure natural astaxanthin, promoted as the “most potent antioxidant available on the market”, and a hydration blend of coconut water, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, sodium, and potassium.

Top Secret BCAA Re-Igniter

bcaa re-igniter

The complete combination of ingredients in Top Secret’s BCAA Re-Igniter promises all the usual BCAA effects such as improved muscle growth, recovery, and performance, as well as increased endurance and fat oxidation. From what we can see the product is not yet available, but is already listed on the brand’s website in preparation for its release in three 30 serving flavors, Pineapple Mango, Cherry Fruit Punch, and Raspberry Sherbet.

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