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Monster Protein could be replacing Monster Milk, Cytosport could be making a big mistake by going for the double

Cytosport released the 5th product in their Monster Series after an extremely delayed launch late last year. Monster Multi hit the market with a strong dose of vitamins as well as a very competitive price. It was thought that it would all end there. The small Monster line up was pretty much complete with a post

, pre, protein, mass gainer, and then a multi.

As it turns out Cytosport have no intention of stopping at 5. Even though it does seem like a much better idea to stick with the range they have, the NSF company is welcoming in a product called Monster Protein. Not only is it a supplement looking to jump on the 4lb whey blend trend, but it is also the first one in the series to double up on a category.

At the moment the Cytosport spin off line is simple, not offering any more than one option in their represented areas, and making stacking relatively straight forward. However if the current protein source Monster Milk does stay in the range, Monster Protein could cause more problems then it solves. By transforming the once very organized line up into just another multi-option supplement brand.

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