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Vita-T the multi-vitamin for men, Top Secret have more than just Pump Igniter

Top Secret Nutrition's Vita-T

It turns out that the very dangerous Pump Igniter is not the only supplement Top Secret Nutrition have been working on. The brand are looking to take the vitamin category in a relatively new direction with a men’s multi called Vita-T. Top Secret have lined up for launch a vitamin formula designed solely for men. To justify it’s use the brand have loaded up the product with 6 unique blends. One for virility, testosterone and prostate support featuring ingredients like maca extract and horny goat weed. A complex for heart health, one for liver health, a prebiotic probiotic digestive matrix, an immunity blend, and a performance complex consisting of beta alanine and agmatine sulfate. Excluding it’s vitamins, all up Vita-T features a strong range of 36 different ingredients. The full formula has yet to surface, so for now the highlights and proprietary titles will have to hold fans over.

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