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Review of the revitalizing Pure-Amino, Betancourt’s recovery complex lands in top 5

Review of Betancourt's amino cocktail Pure-Amino

Betancourt released their amino cocktail Pure-Amino at the beginning of the year. The supplement caught our attention not just because it had a nice dose of BCAAs and an endurance complex. But because it attempted to establish itself as both a mild pre-workout and post-workout amino. The brand put together a formula much like Top Secret’s Hyperblend Energy and Cytosport’s Monster Amino. While it doesn’t use caffeine, Pure-Amino does include two interesting features, citrulline and B12. Two ingredients that can be seen in numerous pre-workouts, and two ingredients that separate the product from the rest of the field. After using the amino in several supplements windows, and in combination with other formulas. We have here today the thumbs up review of Betancourt’s Pure-Amino.

Pure-Amino delivers an experience on level with it’s top competitors, Muscletech Amino Build, and Cytosport Monster Amino. With the help of it’s 6g dose of BCAAs, vitamin B12, citrulline, and the unique inclusions, NAC and selenium. Betancourt’s cocktail offers two things that put it right up into the ranks.

As well as delivering an average stim-free performance when taken before or during training. The formula has the rare ability to completely revitalize the body after a workout. It is hard to say instant, but Pure-Amino does immediately bring one’s body back to life after being torn apart. Even when used with a crash loaded pre-workout, Betancourt’s amino has the power to pick you up and have you walking around like normal. As an added bonus, the brand are one of the few to not include beta alanine in their product. Taking away the pins and needles sensation, and the discomforting limit of how many servings you can use of Pure-Amino.

Whether you use Betancourt’s cocktail as a pre-workout replacement while on a fat burner, a post-workout recovery supplement, or even as a good morning BCAA kick. The combination of Pure-Amino’s muscle building ingredients and revitalizing features makes it a product well worth investing in. Just like other successful formulas in it’s category, the supplement does cost a little more than most at $27 per 28 serving bottle. But with an experience that makes you oblivious to how bad it tastes, and heavily discounted regular retail specials. Betancourt’s Pure-Amino easily takes a spot in our top five recovery products, and definitely deserves the attention of those amino lovers out there.

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