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Bio-Gro is not as game changing as advertised, Review of iSatori’s Bio-Active Peptide formula

Review of iSatori's bio-active peptide formula Bio-Gro

iSatori’s Bio-Gro was a questionable formula right from the beginning. The brand originally promoted it as the Muscle System, and claimed that it was as game changing as the staple muscle builder creatine. After it’s initial announcement as the weeks went by, the supplement started to look like a product that was destined for failure. During it’s dragged out release Bio-Gro was confidently promoted as a category creator, and a self proclaimed industry changer. Thanks to it’s heavy amount of marketing, doubts quickly crept in to our minds before the retail value or details of the formula were even revealed. After a two month tease iSatori eventually launched the supplement and despite our concerns. We decided to grab two bottles of the product, and find out how good it really is.

While Bio-Gro does have more research than anyone cares to read. Basically according to iSatori the supplement is said to,

provide a supra-physiological effect that, once consumed, signals the body to amplify its natural protein synthesis process, helping you develop lean muscle and recover faster from intense workouts.

Essentially it is designed to help you with recovery, and build muscle. Two things that you will see promoted on a number of products in several categories. Aside from it’s common intentions, our question was never going to be about it’s research, effects, or what it is expected to do. But what it does do, and how well it compares to other formulas advertising the same two effects.

The good news is, iSatori are not pulling a fast one, the supplement does work. Unfortunately it’s recovery ability and muscle building potential are not strong enough to make it worth purchasing. It’s recovery power is noticeable, however at the cost of $40 for 60 servings, which you will use four of each day. Bio-Gro’s results are not as heavy as it’s price. While you may notice next or two day soreness lessen, there are so many other items on the shelf that can do that for half the money. PM products like Bullet Proof and Ronnie’s Resurrect, do that overnight, even aminos deliver recovery results on a level way above Bio-Gro. In fact when taken in combination with an actual recovery complex, the addition of Bio-Gro is not even noticeable. As mentioned above, it does work, the issue is the effects are so minimal and the cost is high, you will not get a return on your investment.

As for the supplement’s muscle building ability, the gains if there actually are any, are very difficult to spot. Mainly because the improvements you may see are similar to that of regular training. For example one of our athletes was working on a strength program, which saw him increasing his squat about 2.5kgs a week. Sometimes it was 1.25, sometimes it was 5kgs. Either way without any change to his diet or workouts, and the introduction of Bio-Gro, those gains did not vary. It is things like that, that make it hard to decide whether it’s the Bio-Active Peptides kicking in or just hard training. Of course increases are never consistent, so you could make the argument that Bio-Gro helped maintain the improvements. But compared to things like Gaspari’s Anatropin, or Universal’s Animal Test, where the effects are much more obvious. You have to bring value back in to question, and even though we didn’t try it. Like with the recovery results, the product’s performance may completely diminish when taken with another high end muscle builder.

The supplement is unique, there is no doubt there. It’s research shows how it works and differs from other formulas. However we are all after results, whether it be performance, muscle gain, or weight loss, and if there is something out there offering the same effects as something more expensive. That works better, and is likely to dwarf the other if taken in combination, it is a no brainer. As much as iSatori are promoting Bio-Gro as a game changer, and comparing it to creatine. It just isn’t that powerful, and it’s results are so minimal the average person is not likely to notice a thing. As much as we wished iSatori pulled through, the Bio-Active Peptide formula is not worth your time. If there were a basket for failed game changers, then Bio-Gro would definitely belong in there.

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