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Weight loss combination pack coming soon, Top Secret supplement unveiled next week

Top Secret Nutrition weight loss aid stacks coming soon

On top of the exciting announcement of Top Secret Nutrition’s pre-workout Pump Igniter, and the unique men’s multi-vitamin Vita-T. The supplement company are going to make use of their massive weight loss aid range. The brand are currently overflowing with basic products such as L-Carnitine plus Green Coffee, and the recently released Red Palm Oil plus Safflower Oil. With all the dual ingredient supplements available and coming soon, Top Secret Nutrition are going to be putting them together for some sort of a stack. For now all we know is that they are looking to combine a number of formulas and pack them with a how to guide. The remaining questions are, which products, will they be put into pill packs or just bottles wrapped together, and how much discount will the combinations have. All of these questions should be answered as we get closer to the production of the packs. But for now attention can be put back onto the delayed Pump Igniter, Vita-T, and another new supplement we will be unveiling next week.

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