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New shade of blue brings more accessories, Beast branding their fans and supplements

New Beast Sport's gear for 2013

Beast Sports have been slowly pushing in all their new rebranded and reformulated supplements over the past few months. The movement has also seen the brand put up another muscle building innovation in the form of the green apple estrogen modulator, E-Liminate. To keep their current fans following, and help educate them on the new color theme. Beast Sports have added a number of new accessories that can be purchased from both the brand’s direct store, and specific retailers. Currently available for supporters is an ‘Unleash the Beast’ tee, a shaker with the updated logo, a sling bag, and a rubber iPhone 5 case. As the year progresses with items like the bag an iPhone case already a part of the line up, there is a good chance Beast Sports will have a lot more in store for their loyal fans.

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