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The pre-workout not to be missed in 2013, Neon Sport Volt now available in stores

Neon Sport Volt available from and GNC

Neon Sport’s supplements are finally beginning to show up in all the stores they were promised to be in. While we say all the stores, we do in fact mean and GNC. On most occasions the latter is the more expensive retailer, however for the exclusively sold brand GNC is actually the cheaper choice. Despite their price variations, the reason we are bringing up Neon is because of their impressive pre-workout Volt. Despite having a very simple formula with 8 different ingredients. The bright yellow energizer didn’t take the number 6 spot in our top 10 for no reason. If you are curious about the product’s performance don’t base your expectations on it’s features. To be honest that is what we did the first time we saw Volt, but ended up being happily proven wrong. For it’s GNC cost of $31.99, it is not a bad investment, especially with 36 servings, of which our review was based on about two. If you missed our experience of Neon Sport’s Volt you check it our here, and be sure to beg the brand for some samples if or GNC’s retail value too much of a gamble for you.

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