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Leaked facts panel waiting on some tweaks, Giant’s Metabolic Bioshock yet to be finalized

Giant Sports confirm some edits for the final Bioshock formula

Earlier in the week news broke on the release of Giant Sport’s facts panel for their upcoming pre-workout supplement Metabolic Bioshock. At the time the information was passed on to us, the brand had only announced the flavor, previewed the tub, and confirmed a serving size of about 20g. Regardless the ‘leaked’ label saw everything uncovered going from it’s classic 150mg dose of caffeine to it’s unique inclusion of glutamine nitrate. Despite the facts panel we were handed looking rather legitimate, Giant have contacted us saying that there still may be a few tweaks to the formula before it hits shelves. Making it very clear that the label we posted is not the final product. Whether that means there are doses to be adjusted or features to be added is uncertain at this time. Either way we will see the finished supplement sometime in September as it heads into competition with some of the other big pre-workouts on the market right now, Scivation’s Psycho and Top Secret’s Pump Igniter.

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