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Fourth and final supplement Burn & it’s label, Royal Sport Ltd confirmed exclusive for GNC

Royal Sport Ltd new weight loss formula Burn

Despite having no information released online, Cellucor have gone ahead with their Royal Sport supplement launch. Uploading three of their products to their now confirmed exclusive retailer GNC, the pre-workout Siege, the muscle builder Test, and the BCAA + SAA Charge. The one that has been left out in the cold, and yet to make an appearance, is the weight loss formula of the team simply titled Burn. As mentioned earlier there is little to be known about the spin off brand, but we do have the details of the fat burning supplement here today. For those of you who thought the other three were a bit plain, and a little unexciting, Burn is very likely to come off the same way. The product is a lightly packed formula delivering it’s contents across three complexes, featuring ingredient highlights such as caffeine, vitamin B12, dandelion, 5-HTP, and syneprhine, promoting thermogenesis with a hint of mood enhancement and a diuretic effect. If you would like to check out the rest of the supplement, you will find the full facts panel below.

Royal Sport LTD Burn facts panel
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