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Royal Sport now available at Campus Protein with 6 supplements

royal sport

Royal Sport is a brand that has been around for quite some time, and one that we’ve only ever seen available at the retail giant GNC. While we haven’t heard anything new from Royal Sport in about a year, news has come in this week that there is now another place that sells the line.

It is none other than the great team over at Campus Protein that has shown up with Royal Sport this week, stocking a total of six different supplements from the brand. You have its fat burners Target and Burn, the testosterone booster Royal-T, the BCAA Charge, pre-workout Siege, and the protein powder Ultra Clean 100.

The only product Campus Protein seems to be missing is Castle, the carbohydrate infused pre-workout, which was also the last new release we saw from Royal Sport almost two years ago in 2015.

To celebrate the arrival of the brand, Campus Protein is running a promotion where you get a piece of Royal Sport gear free with any Royal Sport supplement. The store has many items to choose from including a shaker, drawstring bag, a tee, sweatshirt, and a pill case.

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