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Mint Chocolate joins Royal’s Ultra Clean 100 menu

Ultra Clean 100

While Royal Sport’s protein powder did take some time to arrive, it did finally launch late last year in four flavors. The options introduced with Ultra Clean 100 were Chocolate Cupcake, Ice Cream Sandwich, Vanilla Cream and Cinnamon Bun. Well over half a year later Royal Sport has now decided to add to their original menu of four with another flavor that actually gives the supplement a bit more variety.

The recipe is none other that Mint Chocolate, which actually takes Ultra Clean 100’s menu up to a total of five. While Mint Chocolate has yet to be spotted anywhere it is in fact already in stock on the brand’s own website. It may be a little expensive, especially for a 30 serving protein powder, but if you want to give the latest from Royal Sport a go you can grab it now direct for $59.99.

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