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Royal Sport teaser hints at three entirely new capsule supplements

royal sport

From time to time supplement companies disappear for a few weeks, or on occasions a few months, without releasing any new flavors, products, or even accessories. Royal Sport is one of those brands that over the past year has been extremely quiet. The last time we heard from it was 12 months ago when we got Mint Chocolate for Ultra Clean 100. After all that time Royal is now back and looking to make some noise, which it could very well do looking at the teaser it’s just dropped.

You can see the new Royal Sport image above, that very clearly suggests it has three new supplements coming down the pipeline. You’d actually have to go back more than a year to find the last time the brand introduced an entirely new product, which was roughly 14 months with its pre-workout Castle. The three Royal supplements mysteriously featured in today’s teaser don’t unfortunately give a lot away as they are heavily blurred, although there are a few details we can get from them.

It’s definitely obvious that the products are all capsule formulas, with two being branded light around their titles and one dark. Based on all of Royal’s other supplements, it looks like the dark and light theme difference is category related. For example its fat burners Burn, Target, and Cardio Rush are all branded white, and everything else dark. If that theme is to continue then it would be good to assume that two of three products in Royal’s new teaser are weight loss solutions of some kind, with the third being something else.

From here all we can do is wait, as the only timeframe we have at the moment for the three is that they are said to be “coming soon”.

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