Rebranding just in time for the Olympia Expo, Nubreed Nutrition show off their all new look

Nubreed Nutrition reveal their completely rebranded line of supplements

After a preview image surfaced last week, it was presumed that Nubreed Nutrition were going to repackage their entire lineup of supplements just in time for the Olympia. Initially the only piece of information we had to go off was the one photo of the redesigned Helix BCAA and Undisputed. Now however there is no more need to assume, as the brand have revealed their full range of products, minus Onslaught, SXR-8, and Expose, all featuring the new theme. The update sees the Nubreed supplements with a much calmer design, a lot less clutter, finer color accents, and a more dominant logo presence. So far nothing has been confirmed as to when the newly packaged products will begin circulating. But as we mentioned last week, the rebranding announcement has come at the perfect time. With the Olympia Expo right around the corner, what better way for Nubreed Nutrition to reintroduce themselves to their fans, and pull in even more followers with their newfound appeal.

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