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Applied Nutriceuticals launch Beta Test through

Almost two months ago, back in early September. Applied Nutriceuticals announced a new supplement set to arrive in the months following called Beta Test. Fortunately for us and fans of the brand, the product announcement came with a full reveal of it’s four feature formula consisting of, coleus forskolii, huperzine-A, amentoflavone, and Bioperine. Today we are bringing the supplement back into relevance due to App Nut officially releasing the muscle building product. With the launch has come two things that we didn’t know about before. One being the price of the supplement, which Applied have put at $39.99 for a 60 capsule full month’s supply. And two, that Beta Test does appear to be an exclusive product, only available from At this stage we are unsure as to whether or not it will eventually hit other retailers, since are the only ones listing the muscle builder. However even if it has been chained down to the one stockist, most of the time these things only last a month or two. So if you are interested in Beta Test, and for some reason don’t want to shop at, give it a while before checking your go to store.