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Remember remember the 5th of November, PhD Nutrition’s twenty second teaser video


The UK based supplement company PhD Nutrition, who are responsible for products like the innovative Diet Cookie, the pre-workout Wired, and the popular Pharma-Greens. Have uploaded a video that is not just a bit out of character for them, but extremely exciting for anybody interested in new supplements. In the just under 20 second video, PhD tease an upcoming product set to make a statement or some kind of an appearance on November 5th. It is worth mentioning that the date the brand have gone with does have some local significance, being the gunpowder plot inspired and now celebrated Guy Fawkes Day. Which is also some what of a special occasion for a few other countries around the world. Aside from the relevance of “remember remember the 5th of November”, the only other things PhD Nutrition have released are that the supplement is hot, new, and most likely powdered. We aren’t sure if the title of the YouTube clip “Ignite Your Inner Pro”, has any details hidden behind it. But we will definitely have a lot more information if not everything, on Tuesday the 5th.

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