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High Protein Spread set to get a sixth flavor, P28 rumored to go festive with gingerbread

P28 Foods preview their sixth High Protein Spread flavor gingerbread

Just in time for Christmas the company behind the innovative P28 series of high protein foods, have put together a sixth flavor for their 2012 released Protein Spreads. Currently the product is available in five options, signature blend, peanut butter, white chocolate, almond butter, and the addition from earlier this year banana raisin. As for the latest taste to join the family, P28 Foods have yet to reveal just what it is but have said a confirmation is coming this Thursday. Despite the brand not actually saying anything, fan’s comments and images have surfaced of High Protein Spread in gingerbread. While that doesn’t necessarily make it official, the flavor does fit the first piece P28 have uploaded for their four day picture build up, as well as fit in perfectly with the holiday season. Regardless of what the taste turns out to be, any one of the six spreads will come in handy for those looking to keep their diets on track during this feast filled time of year.

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