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Caffeine free BCAA Hyperblend Energy, Top Secret Nutrition take in feedback and deliver

Top Secret put together a caffeine free BCAA Hyperblend Energy

Top Secret Nutrition’s BCAA Hyperblend was initially released last year in 2012. The brand then entered themselves into the amino cocktail market by transforming the supplement into a powdered formula, adding in 150mg of caffeine, and naming it BCAA Hyperblend Energy. After finally getting to review the product, we found the addition of the energizing ingredient to be a bit much. It wasn’t over stimulating, just an effect that wasn’t very comfortable for use in most amino supplement windows. The reason we bring all this up, is because Top Secret have shown how well they take in feedback by producing a caffeine free edition of BCAA Hyperblend Energy. The brand have done as per the product’s description, simply taking out the 150mg of caffeine and giving it back the original title BCAA Hyperblend. For those interested in the formula, the new supplement carries over all three flavors from the caffeinated version, blue raspberry, pink lemonade, and watermelon. With a price relatively the same as Hyperblend Energy, however it features a total of 35 servings instead 30.

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