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Carbohydrate based formulas released, Beast Sports duo Primocarb and Re-Animate

Beast Sports Re-Animate and Primocarb formulas released

Back in August Beast Sports previewed two new supplements, Primocarb and the more complex formula Re-Animate. While it may have been almost half a year since we last saw the duo, the brand have finally released the products revealing their official contents lists. As expected Primocarb is driven by one thing, a 25g carbohydrate complex, the exact same complex seen in it’s 12 less serving, and more powerful counterpart. Which also features a vitamin and mineral mix, a 10g hydrolyzed whey and amino acid blend, and a 1g electrolyte matrix. Making Re-Animate Beast’s most complete entry into the post-workout recovery market. Both of the brand’s carbohydrate based supplements are currently showing up in stores with one flavor each, unflavored for Primocarb and orange creamsicle for Re-Animate. As for price, the less but more complex servings of Re-Animate will cost fans roughly 20% more than Primocarb, sitting at a bit over $35.

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