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Formula behind Adiplex Burn uploaded, Bio-Sport’s second fat burner now available

Bio-Sport USA release the details behind their new Adiplex Burn

Bio-Sport USA last year added a few new supplements to their range, as well as preview a second fat burning formula by the name Adiplex Burn. In it’s first mention not much was revealed, aside from it’s weight loss intentions and Max Line incorporation. Now moving into the new year all of Adiplex Burn’s details have been released along side the arrival of the product. The supplement joins Bio-Sport’s range as the only capsule fat burner, setting itself well apart from the other weight loss product, the kiwi-berry flavored Adiplex Energy. Carrying an eight piece formula featuring caffeine, BioPerine, guggulsterones, synephrine, green coffee bean, forskohlin, phenylethylamine, and zingerone. All of the supplement’s contents have been wrapped up in a 147mg single capsule complex, with 60 pills per Adiplex Burn bottle. For more information you can check out the product’s information page including it’s complete facts panel on the brand’s website.

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