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Tiger Fitness lands double size Tall Boy, iSatori’s Bio-Gro two for the price of $10 more

Tiger Fitness get an exclusive double size tub of iSatori's Bio-Gro

For those that didn’t know Marc Lobliner is a firm supporter of iSatori’s Bio-Gro. So much so that the brand have seen fit to give him and his store Tiger Fitness an exclusive tub size of the supplement. The bio-active formula has been produced in a double sized bottle nicknamed the Tall Boy, weighing in at 180g. The second and only other

Bio-Gro volume is currently sitting at Tiger Fitness for $49.99. While that is a saving, with the regular 90g option usually costing around $39.99, it’s not as impressive if you can find one of iSatori’s common buy one get one deals. On that topic, Bio-Gro is currently available from Netrition with a two for the price of one offer. Giving you the same amount as Tiger Fitness’s Tall Boy, just spread across two tubs.

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