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Category 5 and Super 8 revealed, Muscleology’s mystery two coming next week

Muscleology confirm their mystery two supplements Category 5 and Super 8

Muscleology previously teased the coming of two new supplements for their range, both powder formulas, with one notably bigger than the other. Today almost one and a half months after the blackened image was originally uploaded, the brand have confirmed the two as Category 5 and Super 8. The first of the two Category 5, is a creatine product based around a five form creatine blend. Currently we do not know what those five forms are, however the other supplement Super 8, has had all it’s details revealed. The second of the two combines a 10g instantized blend of 8:1:1 BCAAs, 1.5g worth of EAAs, an electrolyte complex, a four form 2g complex of glutamine, and a nakedly dosed 250mg of agmatine sulfate. Muscleology are expected to release more information on the two like flavors, Category 5 contents, and price next week, which has been promised to bring the availability of the products.

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