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Whey Protein joins Ab Igniter duo, Top Secret preview mainstream protein

Top Secret Nutrition confirm the coming of a new protein powder Whey Protein

With already two supplements confirmed for their calender in the early stages of this year, Top Secret Nutrition have now revealed details of another formula on it’s way to the market. Following the announcement and full unveiling of the fat burner Ab Igniter, as well as the teasing of it’s more complex counterpart Ab Igniter Black. Comes news of Top Secret entering the protein category with a product simply titled Whey Protein. From what has been said we know that the supplement will be delivering a 26g dose of protein using a variety forms, whey concentrate, whey isolate, hydrolyzed whey fractions, and peptides from hydrolyzed whey isolate. As for Whey’s other details, including flavors, sizes, and serving facts, you will need to wait a bit on that one. But at least we know Top Secret Nutrition are planning on coming through just as strong as they did last year.

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