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Introducing Femme Nutrition and Peach, not your average watered down female formula

Introducing Femme Nutrition and their cellulite cream Peach

Almost every time we bring up a women’s brand or series of supplements it’s negative. Not because the product/s are bad, but because they are cheap shots at an alternate market with formulas basically identical to mainstream supplements, just a whole lot more expensive. The brand we are introducing today is Femme Nutrition, and unlike a lot of others out there their product actually has a point of difference, justifying it’s target market. The name of their first entry into the world of supplements is Peach, which according to Femme is a ‘cellulite reduction cream, aiming to combat stubborn body fat and help tone out hard to target areas’. Whether or not you doubt it’s intentions, you have to admit that it’s far better than the regular watered down fat burner, or rip off women’s protein. Peach’s effects are actually things you will have trouble finding listed on a bottle, or at least in our market. Making it a rare find, especially if the formula delivers as promised. Femme Nutrition of course have their research and reasons for the contents of their product, and are currently in the process of getting Peach out there and letting it’s results do the talking. If you are located in the US or Australia be on the look out for it over the coming weeks and months. With more supplements expected to be on their way, as well as the launch of an official website.

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