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ThermOxyn and Max Out confirmed, iForce name 2 of their 3 upcoming supplements

iForce Nutrition confirm ThermOxyn and the pre-workout Max Out

Back in December iForce Nutrition passed on details of a few new supplements set to launch sometime this year. The brand initially held back names for the products but did say that there would be three, a pre-workout, a weight loss formula, and a post-workout. iForce have now revealed some information, or as much as we’re probably going to get from the brand until they actually release, with official titles for two of the three upcoming supplements. The first name goes to the fat burner, confirmed as ThermOxyn, and the second to the pre-workout, Max Out. We are also going to take a shot in the dark and say the post-workout is likely to be called Finish Line. A product that was teased with it’s title almost one year ago, but never confirmed for any category. No matter which way you look at it, iForce Nutrition fans are in for a treat over the next few weeks or months.

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