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Creatine A5X confirms contents in title, iSatori’s new five form creatine coming soon

iSatori's new five form creatine supplement Creatine A5X

With a lot of their effort going into Bio-Gro variants lately with the double size Tall Boy, 50% free tub, and the capsule edition. iSatori have still managed to find time to produce an entirely new supplement. The name of their upcoming product is Creatine A5X, and as it’s title confirms, is a creatine formula. In it’s title it also features the number five. Directly relating to the amount of different creatine forms iSatori have put in the supplement, as well as their combined weight. In total Creatine A5X packs 60 servings per tub, each weighing in as mentioned at 5g, and transparently listing 2g of creatine anhydrous, 1g di-malate, 1g gluconate, half a gram of HCL, and half a gram of the branded magnesium creatine chelate, MagnaPower. As for flavors, it appears iSatori are going with the one sensible and convenient option, unflavored. With no official price confirmed just yet, but our favorite launch window of ‘coming soon’.

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