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Whey Protein doses and variants confirmed, Top Secret Nutrition’s latest set for mid March

Final few details confirmed for Top Secret Nutrition's Whey Protein

Following on from the two previews we posted for Top Secret Nutrition’s upcoming protein powder, Whey Protein. We now have an image of the supplement with it’s final look, showing off a very different label to what we have seen in the past. Instead of the patterned red and splashes of gold, Top Secret have gone with an all gold design reinforcing the ‘Premium Quality’ badge on the face of the product. While we didn’t think there would be anything left to confirm as far as contents go. Along with the image of the redesigned Whey Protein, has come a detailed list of additional aminos acids per 47g serving, with 6g of BCAAs, 6g of glutamine, and 4g of taurine. To round out the update we do finally have Whey Protein’s list of options, revealing the right amount of sizes, but less tastes than most would like. Joining the previously previewed 5lb tub and vanilla cream, is just one more volume at 2lbs, and one more flavor in chocolate ice cream. Top Secret Nutrition fans can expect to see the protein released in about a month’s time. As the brand are looking at a mid March launch, putting Whey Protein in stores before April.

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