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Nutraplanet does it best with Splyce at $25, Driven Sport’s latest available with intro-sale

Driven Sports Splyce now available at Nutraplanet with an intro-sale

Driven Sports first release since the Craze controversy Splyce, originally appeared just over a week ago at the quick to release nutrition store Supplement Central. While they definitely beat everyone else to the punch with the intra-workout amino fuel formula. It’s not always about who does it first, but sometimes about who does it best. With that being said the latest retailer showing up with Splyce is Nutraplanet, who as per usual have launched the new product with an unbeatable price. Compared to Supp Central, picking up a bottle of Driven Sports Splyce from Nutraplanet will save you a total of ten bucks. With an intro-sale of $24.87, saving you a little less than 30% per 40 serving tub. The popular store does have both flavors of the product currently available, however keep in mind it is a limited time intro-sale. So definitely get in quick if you are interested in the latest from Driven Sports.

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