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Details on upcoming ErgoPump replacement, next ErgoGenix supplement due April 14th

ErgoGenix upcoming pre-workout supplement due April 14th

Over the past month Ergogenix have been teasing and hyping their upcoming supplement, that for some time they were asking fans to guess what kind of formula it actually is. One of our original bets back in February when news first surfaced of the product was a pre-workout, which after all the talk, has turned out to be the category the brand are looking to attack. As well as it’s type, ErgoGenix have also confirmed that the supplement we are going to call for now ErgoPre, will be exclusive to Other facts that have been revealed include a few ingredients with 60mcg of vitamin B12 and 300mg of caffeine. A scoop size of 4.82g, 30 servings per tub, and that EgroPre is going to replace ErgoPump. The remaining details such as flavors, additional features, and price are expected to be revealed very soon. As ErgoGenix have set an official launch date for their pre-workout of Monday the 14th of April.

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