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Femme set to step into mainstream markets, three supplements preparing to join Peach

Femme confirm three more supplements on the way

We recently introduced Femme Nutrition when they launched their first product Peach, the cellulite reduction and thermogenic cream. While we did assume they wouldn’t be sticking with just the one item, the brand have now confirmed what else they have on the horizon. Due to join Peach sometime soon, is a total of three different nutrition supplements, a pre-workout, fat burner, and an l-carnitine based formula. The trio of upcoming products are all going to flavored, suggesting that they will be available in either powder or premixed form. Outside of those categories and possible types, all that Femme have revealed about the supplements is that they taste great. Something the brand are really pushing for along with top quality effectiveness, to help further separate themselves from the many poor female efforts currently on the market. It is definitely going to be interesting to see what Femme end up putting in the products. As they will be the brand’s first conventional entries into more mainstream supplement categories.

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