Fuel:One’s post-workout named and detailed, Complex-1 1:1 protein:carbohydrate formula

Fuel:One confirm highlights for their repair and recovery formula Complex-1

Last month we saw the reveal of Fuel:One, a new supplement brand on it’s way to shelves very soon with a total of eight different products. We were able to confirm names for some of the formulas with Whey Build, Mass Build, CreaPro3, and what appears to be the pre-workout 6th Gear. The other four we were only able to provide categories for, with a weight loss, amino, multi-vitamin, and post-workout. The team behind the company have now passed on detailed information of the post-workout supplement, officially titled Complex-1. As per the face of it’s label, Fuel:One have designed the product to be an all-in-one repair and recovery formula featuring a 25g protein isolate blend, 25g complex combining fast and slow carbohydrates, 5g of creatine monohydrate, and so far unconfirmed amounts of glutamine and BCAAs. Fuel:One’s entire line launch time frame of somewhere between April and May does still stand. So expect to see a bit more of the brand and information on their other seven supplements, as we move closer to those months.

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