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Brief look at Fuel:One’s eight supplements, new bright and well ranged brand coming in April

Fuel:One supplements named and brief detailed

Fuel:One the fresh new supplement company that has been previewed and teased over the past few months has finally got some additional details worth talking about. Following our in-depth post on Complex-1, we now bring you all the names of Fuel:One’s eight upcoming products and brief descriptions to match. Starting with the formulas we already knew about, Whey Build and Mass Build, are as their titles state a 100% whey protein and a mass gainer. Next is Complex-1 the 1:1 protein:carbohydrate post-workout, then 6th Gear the pre-workout performance supplement. The product’s we could not name previously have been revealed as the concentrated creatine Creapro3, the intra-workout super BCAA formula BCAA Armor, the thermogenic driven Thermo Stack, and lastly the high performance multi-vitamin Vita Boost. While the names and intentions only tell a fraction of each supplement’s story, it’s good to know how ranged Fuel:One are going to be. Especially now that we are closing in on the brand’s launch month of April.

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