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First Full Color Isobag coming soon, Isolator preview their next limited edition release

Isolator Fitness preview a bag from their limited edition Full Color range

Isolator Fitness recently previewed then launched their new Mossy Oak and Military Series three and five meal Isobags. They also released the Isobag Harness, an accessory designed to turn your meal management system into a backpack, and in future a multi-attachment unit. Isolator are now on to their next big thing, which is a limited edition Full Color Isobag. So far the brand have not given us much to off, with just a preview image confirming both Isobag variants in what looks to be a blood orange. Whether or not that means Isolator are going to be launching with just the one color, no additional options, we aren’t exactly certain. But if the brand’s other releases are anything to go by, with the original line up featuring 10 colorways, the Mossy Oak in six, and the Military also in six. We feel Isolator Fitness won’t be going with just the one Full Color Isobag.

Update: Isolator have confirmed nine Full Color variants red, pink, blue, LT blue, neon green, fuchsia, purple, gold, and tangerine.

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