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Carnivor chocolate pretzel and strawberry, MuscleMeds add two more to their beef protein

MuscleMed's release two more Carnivor flavors chocolate pretzel and strawberry

As fans welcome in and begin stacking all the new MuscleMeds supplements with the likes of Phenbuterol, Power Test, and the exciting Secret Sauce, the brand are actually looking to keep the releases coming. While we have already seen plenty from MuscleMeds over the past few months. It turns out they have two more things to offer the beef protein Carnivor, outside it’s recently released peanut butter and previewed Raging Bull Series. The additions to the product that are now beginning to show up are two new flavors, seeing the current menu of six joined by chocolate pretzel and strawberry. The latest Carnivor options like all the others, have their own individual nutrition details and tub weights. Listing the same 23g of protein, zero sugar, zero fat, then the usual varied facts with both coincidentally at 4g of carbohydrates (pretzel 1g fiber) and 110 calories. The only area unconfirmed is whether or not chocolate pretzel and strawberry will be available in the smaller 28 serving volume. As so far they have only been spotted in the more cost effective, double size 56 serving.

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