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Phenbuterol shows up outside direct and GNC, MuscleMeds new weight loss formula now available at A1 Supplements

MuscleMeds fat burner Phenbuterol now available from A1 Supplements

Earlier today we announced the availability of MuscleMed’s new post-workout supplement Secret Sauce, which we can now follow up on with word on availability of another product. The item is Phenbuterol, something that can currently

be found at GNC and MuscleMed’s direct store. Our concern was however that would be where the list ends, much like Power Test and it’s relatively expensive price tag of $70+ at either location. Fortunately the MuscleMeds fat burner has shown up at A1 Supplements for $28.95, suggesting that everyone is due to get the supplement. Of course not all stockists will be hitting the market with the same price, but based on A1 they are all going to be a lot cheaper than the options we’ve had up until now.

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