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Crossfit WOD Crusher series detailed, Scitec Nutrition still targeting March 16th

Scitec Nutrition uploaded description and details of their WOD Crusher supplements

Scitec Nutrition recently revealed their new Crossfit inspired and dedicated supplement range, the WOD Crusher Series. The four products in the line were confirmed as Unbroken Pak, Muscle Factor, Fireworks, and NEM Forte. In the unveiling that took place Monday, Scitec didn’t post up too many details about the supplements, just a few images showing off their names and a handful of features. The brand have now however uploaded individual pages for each of the products, confirming all their categories as well as their contents. Starting with Unbroken it turns out that it is not as much of a vitamin as we had thought, containing five slightly unexciting blends with a creatine complex, BCAAs + vitamin B5 & 6, two forms of carnitine, CoQ10, and beta-alanine. Next we have NEM Forte, a joint support formula driven by 500mg of it’s title ingredient, natural eggshell membrane (NEM). The third is Fireworks, a three flavor energizer featuring light highlights such as 100mg of caffeine, two forms of carnitine, and two forms of arginine. Lastly we have Muscle Factor, the supplement that teased HMB, coleus, and more, however by ‘more’ it actually just means vitamin D and calcium. If you would like a closer look at any of the WOD Crusher products, they now have their own section on Scitec Nutrition’s website, with March 16th still set has the launch date.

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