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New basic black and blue Core Series, Top Secret combine both new and old for their latest line

Top Secret Nutrition's new Core Series collection

With an already strong list of new supplements for 2014, Top Secret Nutrition have confirmed something even more exciting, a re-categorizing. The news comes with a preview of a collection of products that are being called the Core Series, all featuring a complete black and blue branding. Based on the image released it includes a number of current supplements due to be re-themed with Leucine Enhanced Essential Amino Acids, Astravar 2.0, HydroCarn, Micronized Creatine, and Vita-T. It also includes six new individual formulas, CLA, BCAA, Purified Fish Oil, Liquid L-Carnitine 1200, Glutamine Plus, and ZMA Plus. The Core Series is of course not going to be taking any products from Top Secret’s Weight Loss line, or the equally basic Health Essentials, only the Sports Nutrition range. Which does beg the question, what is to come of the brand’s leftover supplements? We believe the answer has something to do with the Igniter Series mentioned late last year, that is expected to feature a more powerful version of Ab Igniter, called Ab Igniter Black. We do know more information is coming soon. But for now we can’t imagine Top Secret Nutrition fans being disappointed with six new products on the way, as well as a hot new look.

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