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New and improved Synergy ISO-7 released, PhD Nutrition update their popular protein powder

PhD Nutrition release and detail their new and improved Synergy ISO-7

PhD Nutrition have taken one of their most popular protein powders Synergy ISO-7, and updated both it’s formula and flavor system. While we can’t tell you much about the new and improved flavoring, aside from the fact that it is meant to taste better. We can confirm the changes in the supplement’s contents, with Synergy getting 5.7g more protein, 2.5g less sugar, roughly 25% of the original’s total amount of saturated fat, a change in carbohydrate source going from maltodextrin to ground oats. As well as a spree of new features including added BCAAs, leucine peptides, CreaPep, BioPerine, and a vitamin B complex made up of B2, 6 and 9. PhD have uploaded the ’14 edition of Synergy ISO-7 to their website, where you can read all about the modifications made to the product, and for those interested. Also purchase the updated 30 serving (unchanged) protein powder for the direct price of £64.99.

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