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Pump pre-workout Pump’D coming next month, Betancourt reveal their semi-transparent formula

Betancourt reveal their upcoming pump pre-workout Pump'D

With almost every big name brand stepping back into the pre-workout category recently, and releasing a pump dedicated supplement. Betancourt have thrown their name in the ring with the upcoming stimulant free formula, Pump’D. The trend will see the brand enter the market with a product relying on nine ingredients to do it’s damage. The first five transparently dosed features come in the supplement’s pump blend with 1g of HydroMax glycerol, a 750mg hit of AgmaPure agmatine sulfate, pomegranate extract, beta vulgaris, and l-norvaline. The remaining four ingredients are in Pump’D’s focus and volume blend, looking to add a bit more than just pump to the product’s performance with tyrosine, choline bitartrate, glutamine, and Endoginine n-carbamylglutamate. All together the new Betancourt supplement will be packing 30 servings per tub, much the same as others in the category, with just the one expected to be the maximum. To help add a bit more excitement to this one, the brand have given us an estimated time of arrival, confirming next month for the launch. While that does mean the release is anywhere between two to six weeks away, we have uploaded Pump’D’s facts panel below to keep the interest going until it arrives.

Betancourt Pump'D facts panel
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