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Body Shred joined by PreWar and Shred 24, Body Nutrition triple their supplement range

Body War Nutrition announce two new supplements PreWar and Shred 24

The last time we heard from Body War Nutrition, it was in regards to their flavored fat burner Body Shred. The Australian supplement company are now back again in 2014 with two new products, tripling the size of their line. The two supplements coming from Body War are PreWar the pre-workout, and another weight loss formula Shred 24. Starting with the energizing PreWar, the product has been produced in two 32 serving flavors mango punch and pina colada. As for it’s contents the supplement packs a 10+ ingredient blend featuring highlights such as agmatine sulfate, AMP citrate, and dendrobium. The second Body War release is Shred 24, a three capsule serving fat burner separating itself from the brand’s other product in the category. Listing a caffeine free formula with popular stimulant free ingredients like garcinia cambogia, CLA, acetyl l-carnitine, raspberry ketones, and green coffee bean. Body War Nutrition are planning on having the two shipped out next week, putting both PreWar and Shred 24 in stores soon after.

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