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Two more 2014 Collection bags previewed, Fitmark update their Classic and Power Duffels

Fitmark's updated '14 Classic and Power Duffel bags

As another week goes by, we get another few sneak peeks at Fitmark’s upcoming collection. This week the brand previewed two different styles, both products looking very familiar. The first one is the Classic Duffel, with what appears to be an updated edition of the basic gym bag, showing off the 2014 alternate logo badge and a laptop pocket. The second item which is pictured above in black and red, is another updated product with the Power Duffel. Like the Classic Duffel, the ’14 version features the alternate logo badge, as well as gray zip highlights and what looks to be a new addition with a mobile phone pocket. The title ‘Classic Series’ has also been thrown around with the two previews. Suggesting that the duo could be reorganized into a dedicated line. Much like Fitmark’s mention of the Namaste Seies when they uploaded an image of the ’14 Namaste Tote.

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