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First look at the extreme pre-workout Max Out, preview of one of three upcoming iForce formulas

iForce Nutrition's preview of their upcoming pre-workout Max Out

Of the three supplements iForce Nutrition promised for release sometime this year. We have seen the brand confirm two with the fat burner Thermoxyn, and the pre-workout we have a first look at here today, Max Out. The new iForce product shown off in the picture above is being promoted with all the usual pre-workout effects such as intense energy, laser focus, and enhanced strength. Unfortunately we can not quite make out any of the finer print, which would usually give us an idea of the formula’s serving size. Max Out’s flavors however are loud and clear with green apple, lemon drop, and black cherry. The other thing worth pointing out in the upcoming supplement’s sneak peek is the iForce logo. While only parts of the product’s label are consistent with other in-house items, featuring a slightly altered theme. Max Out is in fact the first supplement we’ve seen with the more letter based iForce icon. Aside from all the visual highlights and details, the brand have put one other piece of information in their Max Out preview. A launch time frame of ‘coming soon’, putting the pre-workout in the same boat as iForce’s upcoming weight loss formula Thermoxyn.

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