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Upcoming Thermoxyn previewed and detailed, upcoming iForce fat burner set for summer

iForce Nutrition release details on their new fat burner Thermoxyn

iForce Nutrition rounded out last year with the confirmation of three new supplements said to be on the way. Initially we were not given names, just categories, with the weight loss one of the three being the latest to get an update. The fat burner Thermoxyn hasn’t had any of it’s ingredients revealed, but has had almost everything else confirmed. Per box iForce have packed the product with a total of 120 capsules, listing four main effects, appetite control, increased energy, mood enhancement, and of course weight loss. While highlights don’t say as much about a supplement as it’s contents, we do know the product will contain two trademark features AdrenaPlex and MetabolicSync. To round out the Thermoxyn update iForce have hinted at an arrival period for the supplement, putting it on shelves sometime over the next eight weeks just in time for summer.

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