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The focus driven performer Nitramine, Myokem’s one and only supplement a hit

Review of Myokem's pre-workout supplement Nitramine

A few months ago we received a bottle of the pre-workout supplement Nitramine, made by the new one product brand Myokem. At first we wrote it off as just another pre-workout formula, one of the main reasons why today’s review has been such a long time coming. At first it was used on the odd occasion to get an idea of what it would do, which after a handful of workouts we quickly realized this was not just your average pre-workout. The supplement was then tried out a few more times one after another, as well as spread out, and in every scenario it delivered. So without anymore of an introduction we have here today an experience review of the not to be underestimated Myokem Nitramine.

When you get up into the area of top performing pre-workouts it tends to come down to the combinations of effects. In the case of Nitramine, the product brings a lot to the table with extremely strong levels of focus, energy, and pump. It falls a bit behind in the intensity department, however if it did actually have anything in that area we feel it would take away from the unique Nitramine experience.

The first effect that kicks in is the focus, it comes on after the usual amount of time, and it’s almost like a light bulb. All of a sudden you feel like you’re about to do the workout of your life, and if you don’t give 110% it’s all over. You basically transform into a one track mind person with your focus dead set on your exercises, sets, and what rep records you’re about to break. During your session you don’t think about anything else, it’s on to the next movement or set. If you’re a person who has trouble getting your head in the right place for a workout, or tend to have a stressful kind of life. Nitramine somewhat calms or simplifies your mind, forcing you to essentially forget everything else and focus on the one task of training your ass off.

The next area where Myokem’s pre-workout brings it home is energy. At about the same time the focus enhancement comes over you, a smooth shot of energy makes an entrance, combining with the extraordinary mind altering effect. It eventually turns you into both a person who wants to take it the next level, and someone very capable of doing so. The energy sees you go rep after rep, set after set, and thanks to the heavy amount of focus. You find yourself encouraging yourself to break down those barriers, and push the limits like never before. The only thing that ends up stopping you is your own body. As in each set it’s not your determination or energy that sees you put the weights down for a rest. It’s the exhaustion that you bring on yourself. Which at times you actually become so focused you don’t even notice. If you’re wondering whether or not Nitramine dies out, feel free to see how far you can take it. On our workouts ranging from 45 to 90 minutes, even after we finished the energetic vibe continued on for a good hour, rounding out with a crashless disappearance.

The third and final effect we feel is a key part of the Nitramine experience is pump. While there are a lot of pre-workouts out there that combine energy and focus, or energy and pump. Or even on the rare occasion all three like Nitramine. Myokem’s pre-workout features the three effects at levels most supplements only dream of. Again, top quality energy and focus aren’t things we haven’t seen before, but with Nitramine it’s incredible one track focus, insane amounts of energy, and a pump that amplifies the other two effects.

Unlike dedicated pump products, Nitramine doesn’t completely jack you up. It’s pump is very concentrated, and very specific. Instead of feeling full or puffed up, you get this connection with your muscle that feels like a bit of an extension from the supplement’s mind enhancement. In exercises where certain muscles are relatively easy to isolate, you get the sense that you are expanding every fiber. For those not so easy to isolate exercises, you still get the same sort of reaction, which is what makes the Nitramine effect so noticeable. The muscles become so hard and dense, the pump feature creates an encouraging sensation that as we mentioned, plays off the energy and focus. Resulting in an experience we can best describe as a non-stop, mind fueled, pump pleasing ride.

For those that care about taste, Myokem have covered all bases with Nitramine. The product is quite possibly one of the best top performing flavored pre-workout’s we’ve ever had. The one variant dragon fruit not only goes down without any problems, but it does so with a pleasing aftertaste. The supplement is definitely a mixture of flavors, very similar to a fruit punch recipe. Although slightly dominated by a short hint of raspberry, and a bitter bite of orange.

In a category where something different and effective is relatively hard to find. Myokem give you a pre-workout that is not like anything else. As highlighted, the product features a combination of effects that we are familiar with. However not at the incredible levels, or the mixture of levels Nitramine delivers. The pre-workout is definitely a focus based performer, that sees it’s main attraction interact with it’s energy and pump. Something that sets the supplement well apart from the rest, and makes it a must try formula.

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